About Us

Comfort Insoles With a Conscience® Supporting Awareness for Threatened Habitats and Wildlife

I WALK IN THEIR SHOES® is the first Comfort Insole With a Conscience™ designed to support awareness for threatened habitats and wildlife. Both comfortable and earth friendly each of our four styles portrays a threatened species in a vivid graphic design. Leslie Bryce, artist & designer launched I WALK IN THEIR SHOES® in the Fall of 2012. Designed to accommodate all sizes this trim-to-fit insole is made from recycled materials with 10% of our Profits donated to Wildlife Conservation. We endeavor to change the footprint of our future one insole at a time.

We support environmental stewardship and the protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. Our belief is that every living creature has a purpose and meaning, a place in which it is given a natural dignity. By providing innovation and style our insoles are designed to bring an element of comfortable fun into your daily activities while supporting awareness for our threatened habitats and wildlife. We consider the earth as a family member, a being that sees you as clearly as you see it.

Leslie Bryce

I Walk In Their Shoes
P.O. Box 421
Woodstock, NY 12498