I WALK IN THEIR SHOES™ Comfort Insoles With a Conscience™ Supporting Awareness for Threatened Habitats and Wildlife

What does I WALK IN THEIR SHOES mean?

I WALK IN THEIR SHOES™ is an idiom, a phrase that cannot be taken literally. You may not actually walk in their shoes but the wearing of IWITS Comfort Insoles with a Conscience™ brings an awareness and understanding for the plight of threatened wildlife and their habitats to the wearer.

Are IWITS Comfort Insoles With A Conscience earth friendly?

Yes, IWITS Comfort Insoles with a Conscience is an earth friendly product made with recycled material and formed into a sponge insole by a material polymerization process. This provides good air permeability, cushioning, moisture and odor absorption. They are hand washable too! The top fabric is a closely woven polyester velvet fabric with a thick short pile for optimum comfort.

How did the IWITS idea come about?

Leslie Bryce, artist & designer, came up with this idea in 2010. She noticed that most insoles are functional but kinda boring. With her combined love for design, drawing and interest in the plight of our habitats and wildlife she designed I WALK IN THEIR SHOES. Starting with four different animals she plans to expand the line in the near future.

Do you donate to Wildlife Conservation?

Yes, we donate 10% of our net profits to wildlife conservation on a bi-monthly basis (every other month). Our current favorites are listed on our contribution page. These may change with time. We are committed to working with organizations who support awareness for threatened habitats and wildlife.

Where is your product manufactured, packaged and distributed?

Our recycled sponge insole is manufactured in China and packaged and distributed in the United States. We are very proud to be working with our manufacturer who has helped us bring our unique vision to I WALK IN THEIR SHOES™. We package and distribute locally using resources that support our local economy. We have gained friendships and support both locally and internationally and will continue to foster a global union of efforts to bring I WALK IN THEIR SHOES™ to you, our customer.

How do I cut to my shoe size and do I lose part of the design by trimming?

Each insole is designed to accommodate all sizing and fits Men, Women, and children Sizes 2-12. Trim to your size using sharp scissors and cut along the line that indicates your shoe size on the bottom of the insole. Please note that all manufacturers shoes may vary slightly. We suggest you trim slightly larger than your size and then trim further for a proper fit. The graphics were designed to accommodate all sizing with the most important image at the heel. Every size is important to us and we hope that IWITS Comfort Insoles With A Conscience™ will bring you thoughts of well being for our planet and environment, a slight increase in unity consciousness and an overwhelming sense of comfort.