Rescued Sloths Displaced by Deforestation



In Paramaribo, Suriname, sloths displaced by deforestation are rescued and released back into the wild with the help of Green Heritage Fund Suriname.

See more in the Sloth Rescue video.

This story is about Monique Pool, her Sloth Sanctuary and the rescue of 190 cuddly sloths. Deforestation leads to habitat loss and we are spotlighting the people in the field and organizations that are on the front line of saving rainforest wildlife and habitats.

Monique Pool is the founder of Green Heritage Fund Suriname who, last October rescued about 190 Sloths. As the bulldozers cleared the land she was there to pick up the pieces. When  Conservation International came by to document the rescue they found volunteers helping in Pool’s back yard in makeshift pens.

Pool had been accustomed to fostering one sloth at a time, so this has been a wild experience, even for her. She released as many animals as she could as quickly as possible, but she had to keep the baby sloths and their new moms until they were healthy enough to go back into the local rainforest, which spans six South American countries and is one of the most bio diverse in the world.

The rescued sloths are of the two and three-toed sloths variety and they are very cute. Because of deforestation and farming these animals are losing their habitat.

Thank you to the wonderful organizations and field people who make a difference for our habitats and wildlife.

Photo: Sebastian Perry/Courtesy of Conservation International

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